Non-profit of the week: Cancer Schmancer

 We all know cancer is a serious problem in the United States. Cancer is currently the second leading cause of death. Furthermore, a total of 1,658,370 new cancer cases and 589,430 cancer deaths are projected to occur in the United States in 2015. Cancer is not only a major public health problem in the United States, but also in many parts of the world.  Worldwide cancer rates are set to jump more than 75% by 2030. Even 22.2 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2030, compared with 12.7 million in 2008.

 Now, are we that helpless against rising cancer rates?  According to Fran Drescher, who is a founder of Cancer Schmancer, the answer is no. “We can overcome it by changing the nations, medical communities, and ourselves.” she added. Fran Drescher is a uterine cancer survivor. When she was sick, she felt betrayed by the medical community. Starting the Cancer Schmancer, she hopes that what happened to her wouldn’t happen to others. The ultimate goal of Cancer Schmancer is to transform women from patients into medical consumers, and to shift this nation’s priority from searching for a cancer cure towards prevention and early detection of cancer. 

 There are almost 20,000 members in the Cancer Schmancer. It has various programs for the members. For example, one can host a ‘Detox your Home party’ where members at these parties give a presentation to their friends and family to teach how to live a less toxic, healthier and preventative lifestyle. 

 This upcoming Earth Day, Cancer Schmancer is all set to launch ‘Detox Your Home, School’. This is a program that encourages teachers, parents, or administrators to present tips for staying healthy and toxin-free.

 In addition to these programs, Cancer Schmancer has also tapped into the younger generation through ‘We The Future’. The exponential growth of childhood diseases, including cancer, initiated the program.

 According to Susan Holland, executive director of Cancer Schmancer, ”We The Future” appeals to the kids, especially girls who hope to take actions by learning about healthy eating, exercise, and environmental toxins. There is a Trash Cancer game, which takes kids on a tour of a typical home and where toxins are most likely to hide. Kids get points for finding and identifying the hazards. There is also a channel where kids can upload videos for sharing the things they’ve done to help themselves and their families live healthier. Furthermore, there is a Facebook game by a company partnered with Cancer Schmancer Movement.

 Do you think that we are helpless against cancer, still now? Small movements make us be beyond the cancer. Host a “Detox Your Home Party”!  Start “We The Future” club! Those each footstep surely leads you to the cancer-free home, cancer-free nation, and cancer-free world. Although the report predicted that the cancer rates on the rise, we can change the future because we are the future.

Sejin Moon