Video: Reinventing Pier 42

Pier 42 is located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Pier 42 was once a newspaper terminal, later  turned into one of the largest shipping terminals in NYC. In 1987 it was shutdown, Pier 42 was no longer in use, all that stood on Pier 42 was an abandon warehouse.

Path of Pier 42 is affiliated with Good Old Lower East Side, Hester Street Collaborative, Lower East Side Ecology Center, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Two Bridges Neighborhood Council along with NYC Department of Parks & Recreation project is to take the abandon pier and develop it into a park. The park is to diversify the neighborhood by attracting different types of people, whether they’re from the neighborhood, local NYC artists and community leaders.

There are different parks on Pier 42 that have different types of art. The park we saw had art from the Hester Street Collaborative. The structure was built out of wine boxes; some of the boxes had games inside them. Not only were these centerpieces made for creativity and relaxation but also to provide some shade on the park.