The Hottest Trend: Going Organic Lifestyle

Nowdays, you can find organic fruits and vegetables everywhere. Be it the supermarket, food stores, farmers market and even in an online delivery services you can find organic foods products. It clearly shows that there is a demand for organic products as many people are consuming it.

 So what does “organic” mean?  United States Department of Agriculture defines organic foods as ‘produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for generations’. They are produced from animals that are raised without hormones, antibiotics or synthetic chemicals. Also, animal feed must be grown without pesticides, herbicides, or inorganic fertilizers.

 Organic lifestyle is a growing trend. In the U.S., consumers who purchase organically produced foods have grown continuously since United States Department of Agriculture established national standards for organic production in 2002. According to the statistics, U.S. organic foods sales are over $28 billion from 2012. Furthermore, as reported in 2014 Gallup study, 45 percent of Americans actively seek out organic foods. Americans have changed to live organic lifestyles.

 This changing is not just domestic. We can see Bhutan, the small Asian country, is already a largely organic nation. Bhutan has now announced plan to go 100% organic by 2020. As artificial pesticides are expensive, Bhutanese farmers prefer organic farming, which entirely depends on animals and farm waste products. The shifting of farming in Bhutan is expected to grow lots of good quality products and ensure food security to nation. Bhutan is showing the way towards sustainable development by using renewable resources.

 Are you willing to tap into this trend? As I said, there are many ways to follow organic trend nowadays. Go to the farmers markets or local store. You can also grow fruits and vegetables on your own garden. This lifestyle will reduce the number of chemicals in the environment, support for farming local community, and offer safe-nutritious foods. Why don’t you follow this hottest trend?

Sejin Moon