The Edible Word: 8th Wonder

Co-Founder: Anthony Lepree, Alfred Anthony
Twitter: @8thWonderJuice

If you’re ever in Gramercy, 8th Wonder is definitely the place to go for something quick and healthy. Usually you’d have to sacrifice one for the other, but the owners of the shop, Anthony Lepree and Alfred Anthony, have cracked the code! Their menu includes items such as cold pressed juices that are whipped up and packaged each morning, acai bowls and fresh juices made to order, granola bars, and of course, smoothies!

Now you may be wondering, what makes this juice bar different than all the others? Well, I can give you three reasons why 8th Wonder stands out from the pack. One, the owners are personable and friendly. When they ask, “How are you?,” they seem genuinely interested in the answer. So interested, in fact, that if a customer says they’re feeling under the weather, they prepare something special to make them feel better. Two, the names of the drinks are cute and creative! There’s Pixie Dust, Kiss of the Dragon, the Shad, the Beauty and the Beet, the Champ, etc. Mr. Blake, which is the name of a juice, exemplifies their connection/bond with the customers perfectly.

Since they’ve opened March of this year, Mr. Blake has been one of their most frequent customers. So to show their appreciation, they named his favorite drink after him. Three, the smoothies are really good, and I mean really good! I have two favorites: Tropical Blues and John Doe. The Tropical Blues is exactly what you can guess from the name. It’s made with pineapples, bananas, mangoes, blueberries and coconut water, but what makes this smoothie special is the vanilla extract. It brings all the ingredients together perfectly.

My number one, however, is the John Doe. 8th Wonder definitely hit the jackpot with this one! It tastes like Honey Bunches of Oats but it’s a smoothie. It’s made with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, dates, granola, almond butter and hemp milk. It’s the perfect breakfast for those on the go. If you’re into protein shakes or something more filling, the Matcha Strong is a great choice. It’s made of avocadoes, matcha green tea, agave, hemp milk, vanilla protein and bananas. If I haven’t gotten to you through your stomach, I know exactly how to swindle you- your pockets! 8th Wonders prices are super affordable.

Fresh juices are $6.49 and $7.25, and the smoothies are $7.49 and $8.49 for a medium and a large. So what are you waiting for? You’ll not only get a delicious smoothie, but a warm and welcoming smile.