Teen Food Critic Dylan Richards Is Today’s Honoree



Dylan-HonoreeDylan Richards is a teen food critic who spends countless hours travelling New York City, evaluating restaurants and eateries to assess the quality, ingredients, and taste of food while noting the ambiance and cleanliness of the establishment.

Dylan also stars in “Dylan’s Lunchbox,” a TV show committed to showing kids creative ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

Visiting food trucks, restaurants around the country, farmer’s markets, and more, Dylan is on an important, timely, and positive mission to encourage healthy eating habits among his peers.

Dylan is heavily influenced by his mother, Avis Richards, CEO of the non-profit organization- The Bird’s Nest Foundation- which makes documentary films on health and food topics (among others). Together this mother-son duo is working to make healthy habits and kid nutrition fun, creative and satisfying.

Visit Dylan’s Lunchbox for more information.