Do You Want To Know The Answers To These Questions?

What do I know about hormones?

Do hormones extend my life?

Do hormones keep me healthy?

Are hormones stressful to my body?

What hormone supplements can I take?

How long can I take them?

What does testosterone do for men?

What are the natural estrogen blockers available?

What does estrogen do for women?

What is the difference between "bio-identical" and "chemically-altered" hormone supplements?

Should both men and women take progesterone?

What are the side effects of taking these hormones?

What is a steroid hormone?

What does my hormone test tell me?

Should we reconsider the acceptable range in hormone testing?

Why is hormone testing and treatment so expensive?

What other hormones can I take to optimize my health?

If amino acids make hormones, should I be taking amino acid supplements?

If amino acids make up proteins, what should I be eating?

What foods stimulate and optimize my hormones?

What hormone disruptors are in our food?

How can I lengthen and strengthen my telomeres (DNA caps)?

How are cancer cells affected by hormone supplementation?

What are the hormone disruptors in our environment?

What is the difference between toxic estrogen and estrogen?

With so much stress in our world, how does that affect our adrenal glands?

What affects our thyroid gland?

Should I be taking pregnenolone? Should I be taking DHEA?

How can I prevent body inflammation?

If The Pill is made of chemically altered hormones, what are the long-term effects?

How is the bio-identically hormone better than the chemically-altered hormone?

Do hormones help prevent disease?

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