11 Bleecker St. New York NY 10012

Owner: Paolo and Federico Manfredi
Food: Organic Italian

We were delighted to make a second trip to 11 Bleecker Street to visit Quartino Bottega Organica. For those of you who didn’t see our profile of Quartino on Dylan’s Lunch Box, we decided to revisit the restaurant because it’s just that good!

Quartino is a restaurant that offers traditional and organic Italian cuisine. The menu has brunch, lunch and dinner and desert options. Menu items include appetizers, salads, sandwiches, whole wheat pizza and of course whole what pasta. The food comes from local farms and organic markets—the salmon is wild from Alaska and the other fish options are local catches from Montauk. The bread, pasta and deserts are all home made from organic wheat flour. Quartino’s organic options don’t stop at the food—all of their wines and liquors are organic too! From the food to the drink, one can expect an organic and traditional Italian meal when dining at Quartino. We sampled three dishes on our visit: the Caprese salad, the Pizza Bianca with stracchino and arugula, and the Zafferano.

The Caprese is made up of homemade mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and basil. It is a beautiful dish with quarter slices of dark red and vibrant orange heirloom tomatoes paired with thick slices of mozzarella and drizzled with olive oil. The oil soaked into the mozzarella and brought out the taste of the cheese, which was fluffy and delicious.  The tomatoes really stood out because they tasted so fresh. They were firm and the olive oil made for a perfect dressing as the flavor of the tomato was not overpowered.

The second dish was brown rice with saffron and cherry tomatoes. The dish is served warm and the cherry tomatoes were softer than the tomatoes in the Caprese. The warm and sharp taste of the tomatoes went perfectly with the saffron over the rice—the tastes complimented one another and made for a flavorful dish that was light and satisfying.

The whole-wheat focaccia was fantastic. The center was soft and warm, while the crust had a definite crunch. The focaccia had it’s own distinct flavor—put simply it tasted like delicious and clean whole wheat! The stracchino cheese spread generously over the top of the bread was both creamy and tangy. The arugula was the perfect topping—it blended wonderfully with the cheese and bread. The combination was refreshing.

To summarize, the food was amazing! Quartino presents a delicious and healthy option to the Italian food world of New York. The food and drinks are both wholesome and inspiring—showing patrons that organic Italian is the best Italian.