5 Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014
West Village
Owner: Reuben BenJehuda
Food: Gelato pops, yogurt pops and sorbet pops

The Edible Word has profiled bakeries, juiceries, Italian food, and popcorn, but for this entry we decided to try something completely different. What better addition to the Edible Word family than a profile on gourmet gelato and sorbet pops? We were lucky enough to take a trip Pop Bar, one of the most popular places to visit in the West Village—pun not intended.

Popbar was born from the original idea to serve handcrafted gelato, sorbet and yogurt pops that are made from fresh ingredients and that are gluten and preservative free. Gelato is a healthier alternative to standard ice cream because it contains less fat and calories—and it’s still incredibly delicious! Sorbet is in the same boat, made with fresh fruit and no preservatives. Popbar’s website offers an extensive look at the calorie and nutritional values in the pop products for customers who are interested. Probably the best part of Popbar is that you can customize your pop with a variety of extra toppings offered at the counter. The toppings include pistachio crumbles, coconut shavings, chocolate dips and more! So if you’re in the mood for something fruity but also craving a chocolaty taste, fear not because you can personalize your pop to your specific liking.

While at Pop Bar we tried a coconut gelato pop dipped in dark chocolate and real coconut shavings and a blood orange sorbet pop. The outside of the gelato pop was coated in a freshly dipped layer of dark chocolate with one side covered in coconut flakes. The dark chocolate and the coconut gelato paired together wonderfully—the smooth and sweet taste of the gelato and the bittersweet flavor of dark chocolate tasted like a fresh and creamy candy. The coconut shavings enhanced the already prominent flavor of coconut by adding not only more taste but also a crunchy texture. The crunch of the hardened chocolate and coconut created a wonderful contrast to the creaminess of the gelato.

The Blood Orange sorbet is a tropical delight with its beautiful dark red color and tangy, smooth taste. The pop is naturally sweet and still had the authentic, citrus like tang of blood orange. The taste is undeniably fresh, as though taking a bite of a real blood orange. The all-natural flavor was distinct from the first bite, which is something that standard popsicles seem to lack. The Blood Orange pop, and all of the other fruity sorbet options, are the perfect option for a hot day or if you’re in need of a treat that tastes incredibly fresh and fruity.

Our trip to Popbar made for a unique and delicious adventure—one that we’ll have no trouble repeating in the future. These products are not your everyday Popsicles; they’re deserts with a fresh twist that leave customers wanting more The variety, uniqueness, and absolutely delicious options offered at this modernized popsicle parlor is worth a visit. Whether you’re into fruity flavors, creamy sweet treats—or both—Popbar will not disappoint. 

Paige Agrella, Jaime Cantor, Nick Brovender, Lenaya Stewart