Educate Yourself and Balance Your Hormones

There is a problem in our world today. Men and women are more tired, more stressed, and up against more environmental toxins than ever before. It is resulting in hormonal distress in our bodies and the bodies of our children. Everyday our hormones affect our bodies, moods and abilities. We ingest many things through the day by eating, drinking, touching, and smelling endocrine disruptors which are imbalancing our hormones.

The results are more diseases in all ages:

Diabetes • Obesity • Depression
Mood Disorders • Fertility • Fatigue
Alzheimer’s • Anxiety • Sex Drive
Inflammation • Osteoporosis

There is a lot we can do to alter our aging process. We do not have to follow the same route as our parents. Aging does not have to be associated with disease. Hormones are biomarkers of aging; their balance determines how we live. This documentary is a path to discovery and education, and the answers are all around us.

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