All Hallows


All Hallows is a private high school in the Bronx dedicated to empowering underprivileged youth through rigorous academic training.

While attending All Hallows, students learn responsibility, accountability, and respect for others as well as how to meet the state’s academic benchmarks. All Hallows actually exceeds state expectations by increasing the number of classes a student must take before he can graduate. This school helps thousands of children from impoverished neighborhoods and teaches them the importance of education, and with a supportive staff, the students are guaranteed success. The students that attend All Hallows are inspired to learn and better their lives through education. All Hallows stresses the importance of giving back to the community. Since many of these children come from underprivileged communities, All Hallows reminds them that once they have become successful, they should make an effort to help others struggling under similar circumstances. In doing so, All Hallows strives to create a system in which the students feel pride in their actions and where failure is not an option.

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