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The Andre Agassi Foundation is determined to improve the U.S. Public School System for underprivileged youth.

America’s education system continues to fail the children they are supposed to be supporting. Due to limited funding, uninspiring classes and teachers that are untouchable after tenure, the public school system in this country continues to slide downhill. Over 1.7 million children drop out of high school every year, an unacceptable number for a country that is positioned to lead this world into the future. In 2001, the Andre Agassi Preparatory Academy was created with the understanding that a solid education inspires children to want to learn and succeed in all aspects of life. In an ever-weakening economy and a highly competitive job market, it is important to understand that today graduating with a college degree is not always enough. This is a hard truth to bear since many children, especially those living in underprivileged areas, do not see the importance in graduating from high school. This foundation is determined to serve our youth by ameliorating the currently sub-par public education system.

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