Peace First (Peace Games)


Peace First (formerly Peace Games) began as a response to the sky-rocketing youth homicide rates in the early 1990s, as an approach to look at children as problem-solvers, rather than witnesses, or victims of their surroundings.

Peace First was conceived at Harvard University in 1992 as an annual festival where children gathered to play cooperative games and share their dreams of peace. Peace First was student-run until 1996 when it became an independent non-profit organization under the leadership of Harvard graduate, Echoing Green fellow and Ashoka fellow Eric D. Dawson. In 2000, with Boston as a flagship site, Peace First began national expansion of its intensive approach to whole school climate change. We now operate in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York, and receive requests for our work from all over the world.

Peace first 2012 video, Platinum Winner, Pixies Award 

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