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At least three million children are affected by parental violence each year.  Margaret’s Place was founded by the Joe Torre Foundation to counteract that statistic. It is an after-school program that functions as a safe-haven for children who suffer from a troubled home life. It welcomes youth who are affected or who have witnessed violence, trauma, or abuse.

Students learn that they are loveable and capable as they form bonds with one another as well as with their community. They are taught to be leaders and to believe that they can and will make a difference. Margaret’s Place gives a voice to students who do not believe they have a say. In addition to empowering children, Margaret’s Place also informs the teachers and the community about the effects of domestic violence on children. Margaret’s Place brings hope and light to students in order to replace the dark face of violence.

Margaret's Place, 2012 video

Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation

Margaret's Place

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Margaret's Place

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