NYC Green Festival Round Up

Eco18 was out and about this past weekend attending  NYC’s Green Festival. This year the festival took place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and was a celebration of the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day. Companies, brands, services and non-profits all came together to continue to educate about “Green Living” and demonstrate some ingenious ways to incorporate green and sustainable products and practices into your home—wherever and whatever that may be. It just reminded us that we don’t have to live on a sprawling farm to be green. We can buy organic products, practice recycling, be more sustainable and mindful of our planet even in the middle of a huge city like New York. We chose our top 18 picks after sampling some great foods, snacks and beverages. We loved some of the eco-fashions and accessories not only were they incredibly stylish but really practical and wearable.

We always like to give a shout out to a favorite non-profit and this year it’s the Bird’s Nest Foundation. Founder Avis Richards spoke about “Educating from the Ground Up”. The Ground Up Campaign is a nationwide movement to place indoor academic gardens in schools to teach about nutrition. Getting kids involved around 4th Grade, having them participate in the growing of their food is a lesson that carries with them throughout their lives. As Avis said, “Many children have no idea where their food comes from, for many of them it’s the local supermarket. They have never been on a farm, they have never grown anything, so this is a revelation to them.” To date, this 5019(c)3 non-profit foundation has donated academic gardens to over 230 schools across the country, teaching a total of 30,000 students the importance of healthy eating and all-natural agriculture. We will be covering a local New Jersey school to really showcase the amazing work the Bird’s Nest Foundation is doing. Meanwhile, please check out their website and get involved however you can, let’s help them reach their goal of 1,000 schools within the next year.

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