Non-Profits Using New Social Media Tools to Advocate


Non-Profits Using New Social Media Tools to Advocate

Birds Nest Foundation grants advocacy videos to charities.


Birds Nest Foundation ( , a creative non-profit which produces television shows, documentaries, PSA’s and short films for charities pro bono, recently hosted an inspiring charity-based Pinterest and Facebook competition where charities large and small competed for a chance to win a professionally produced 60 second Public Service 

Over twenty charities took part in the The Birds Nest Foundation’s ( Pin It to Win It Pinterest Contest. This successful contest gave charities an opportunity to have a voice and the prize, an advocacy video (PSA), could be to use to promote the winning charity on YouTube, at galas, fundraisers, their website and more.

The video will be professionally produced, directed, shot, and edited by the expert team at Birds Nest Foundation, the creators of PSAs and videos for charities helmed by Goldie Hawn, John Legend, Michael Bolton, Andre Agassi, and Fran Drescher, Autism Speaks, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, among many others.

Submissions took place on Pinterest where entrants pinned the best photos that best communicated what their charity stood for. Four finalists were chosen by Birds Nest Foundation including Stomp Out Bullying, Jumpstart, Much Love Animal Rescue, and the winner Barth Syndrome Foundation. Birds Nest Foundation posted about each charity on its Facebook ( and the charity with the most “likes” under their post would be named the winner.

With 1,060 likes, Barth Syndrome Foundation (, a community of families, physicians, scientists, donors and volunteers around the world whose mission is to save lives through education, advances in treatment, and finding a cure for Barth syndrome – a sometimes fatal, oftentimes debilitating genetic disease, received an incredible amount of social media support and won.

Avis Richards, the founder and CEO of the Birds Nest Foundation said, “The Barth Syndrome Foundation’s work in focusing resources on a little known, underdiagnosed disease is a perfect example of a non-profit that badly needs a voice in promoting their cause. We, at Birds Nest Foundation are thrilled to provide that voice and excited to begin production. We’re also very thankful to all the charities that didn’t win, and we believe that just participating in the contest helped our finalists spread awareness. I’m very optimistic by this new era of social media. It’s allowing charities like the Barth Syndrome Foundation to reach other victim’s families, find new sources of promotion, and forge cross-sector partnerships with organizations like Birds Nest Foundation.”

Shelley Bowen, one of the founders of the Barth Syndrome Foundation, was overwhelmed and beyond words about winning the contest, and said “It was so ingenious and we are so thankful we won this incredible gift to be given a voice for such a rare disease.”

Birds Nest Foundation/Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit creative group that travels the world to provide media content for non-profits, charities and NGOs. Birds Nest works with charitable organizations to produce high-quality documentaries, short videos and public service announcements (PSAs) that clearly communicate its message and promote activism and awareness.