Enjoy some delicious healthy popcorn

While making your way down Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, you’ll come across a place called Pop Karma, an “all-natural gourmet” popcorn shop.

For Pop Karma, “good food means good health.” They believe in food that is “bred naturally with traits that have been proven over generations.” That is why their popcorn is made from top-quality ingredients, plus it’s gluten-free! The ingredients used are organic and no GMOs are included. No trans fat, no preservatives, no guilt to feel after munching down a bag of Pop Karma popcorn.

What makes Pop Karma more special is its joint venture with Birds Nest Foundation on Food Day this Friday, October 24th! They’ll be donating 5% of their net profits of that day to our Ground Up Campaign, where we donate gardens to NYC elementary schools. 

Stop by the Pop Karma shop at 95 Orchard Street and try their pumpkin spice caramel flavored popcorn. Bet you won’t find that anywhere else. Your purchase at Pop Karma will help start a health revolution at NYC elementary schools.

To find out more about Pop Karma visit their website: