Edible Word visits Brooklyn Seed Expo

When an event takes place that allows you to surround yourself around people with healthy lifestyle habits while sampling vegan treats, it’s wise to jump on the opportunity. The Seed Experience Expo, which took place June 20-21, provided all of those things plus more and we were excited to attend. Located at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint, The Seed Experience boasted a variety of vendors who all commit to a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Along with the vendors, there were special guest speakers and cooking demos scheduled throughout the day. Some of the featured speakers included Rich Roll, an ultra-endurance athlete who’s committed himself to a vegan lifestyle and Simone Reyes, an ex-reality TV star who’s an animal rights activist and vegan. One of the most popular demos of the weekend was done by vegan catering Chef Jay Astafa who revealed his cashew milk mac & cheese recipe.

The products presented ranged from food to jewelry to homemade soaps and all of the workers were eager to share their knowledge. Many of the food vendors provided free samples that blew us away! Although there was nothing we tried that we didn’t like, there were definitely some vendors that stood out to us amongst others. “Pony Cakes”, a company run by Michelle Gasparovic and her husband offered bite-sized versions of their cookie sandwiches that were absolutely phenomenal. Not only are these cookie sandwiches vegan and organic but they’re also gluten-free and GMO free. Another vendor that stood out to us was “Treeline”, a company that prides itself on their cashew cheese that is dairy-free, gluten-free, zero cholesterol, non-GMO, probiotic, and raw. We sampled Treeline’s Cracked Pepper Aged Nut Cheese and it was so delicious and creamy that it had us questioning whether we should ever go back to dairy cheese again.

“The Regal Vegan” was also in attendance at The Seed Experience and was selling full-sized items off of their daily menu. We bought an order of “zoodles” (zucchini noodles) which was topped with kale, basil, and parsley “Superfood Pesto”. The dish was super flavorful and we ate every bite. Additionally, we ordered tofu ricotta & spinach empanadas and mac & cheese from “Freakin’ Vegan” that were equally as delectable.

Aside from just tasting food, we were informed about the importance of healthy eating and living. Lev Kelman, the founder of Brooklyn Dark, spoke to us about the significance that hemp has on not only our bodies, but the environment. At Brooklyn Dark, Kelman and his team create non-dairy chocolate using hemp seed as one of the primary ingredients. The nutritious aspect of hemp is especially helpful to vegans since it is an excellent source of protein. The growth of hemp keeps the ecosystem pollution-free and preserves the environment.

A common misconception about eating vegan is that taste gets sacrificed but the Seed Experience provided proof that you can eat gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO foods and still keep your taste buds satisfied..We walked away from the the Seed Experience Expo with our stomachs full and our minds filled with valuable information that we will continue to pass on.

Lauren Eden