Corporate Social Responsibility – The Movement Starts Now


Corporate Social Responsibility – The Movement Starts Now


Although the term “CSR” – for Corporate Social Responsibility – started in the early 1970s, it is a term that is beginning to gain wider traction and broader, inherent meaning. Highly debated and criticized as a way to distract from the fundamental economic role of business, CSR is proving to achieve the opposite. The purpose of CSR is to help organizations achieve both their business missions and social missions.

When like-minded, highly well-intentioned and powerful people mobilize, the results can be fierce and for the sake of CSR, this movement will never be the same. And we can thank Donnetta Campbell for that.

Campbell has been in the communications business for more than 20 years and has always felt strongly that business should have a social purpose. With the launch of HUMMedia partnering with the engageSimply digital toolbox, Campbell harmoniously started the CSR Cooperative.The concept of the CSR Co-op grew so rapidly that a bigger platform was urgently needed. The CSR Co-op will be fueled by the “revolutionary” digital toolbox from engageSimply. It is a proprietary platform to merge the power of social media, direct response, community and content into a scalable communications system. This platform, along with HUMNews global contacts and HUMMedia communications strategies, will provide the CSR Co-op with the technology platform to reach millions of people quickly and efficiently with information and education vital to the CSR Co-op organization.

“I’ve built strong wonderful like-minded networks of colleagues over the years. As I’m starting this journey to launch a new generation agency, HUMMedia makes total sense”, says Campbell. On Aug. 4, a Huffington Post article described HUMMedia as “an innovative, digital Media Agency led by Joy DiBenedetto and Donnetta Campbell that translates `word of net’ onto a truly global stage.”

Industry visionaries quickly involved themselves including Natalie Petouhoff (formerly of Forrester Research) Chief Strategist for Weber Shandwick Global Public Relations; Kristen Anderson from the Concept Farm; Meg Columbia Walsh of Fair Trade Digital; Robyn Streisand of The Mixx; Leslie Singer of HSDominion; Susan Older of Displaced Journalists, and Elaine M. Rogers, a partner and co-chair of the Entertainment and New Media Department of Meister Seelig & Fein, LLP.

HUM (Human Unlimited Media) is the parent company of HUMMedia and the CSR Co-op and from the beginning was a natural fit for this initiative. H/U/M is striving to be the next essential supply organization on the international information and communications scene by catering to the emerging global mobile generation and by nurturing realization of future prosperity, security and meaning directly tied to the total well-being of the entire world. The HUM founders include Joy DiBenedetto who was previously the head of CNN global booking to the NGO CARE press officer along with Michael Bociurkiw, the former global spokesperson and worldwide liaison for UNICEF.

“Information, connection and community engagement matters more than ever for us to work and live in this `whole’ world. HUMNEWS is that source which will help us to understand this perspective and is a perfect content partner for HUMMedia and our clients,” says Campbell. HUMNews is the fast growing global news and information provider focused on emerging countries.

The HUM CSR Co-op goal is to create a powerful group of like-minded companies, individuals and organizations as a socially responsible web of trusted associations and alliances that share complementary skills and core beliefs, which do good for the world.

Leaders from entertainment, education, digital technology, messaging, social media, journalism and business have come together to make this possible. Together we can propel the CSR message forward through business and events that raise awareness and education under the roof of one solid foundation.

Working as quickly as we can and using every possible partner through our deeply related networks, we deliver a powerful brand “many-to-many” communications engine, leveraging a worldwide coalition of journalistic, strategic, academic, corporate and NGO partners, with brand-building influencers in and on our proprietary and social media distribution platforms. This enables our members to reach the borderless, like-minded ‘net community gathered around an idea, a philosophy, and a brand – beyond borders. Media leads to awareness, which leads to informational understanding, which leads to change.

“Our CSR Co-op leadership has deep roots in CARE and UNICEF along with dozens of other organizations and relationships with notable change makers in the worlds of business and philanthropy,” says Campbell.

The Birds Nest Foundation led by Avis Richards is another organization involved with the CSR Co-op. The Birds Nest is the centerpiece to the CSR Co-op because it is a wonderful established “messaging” foundation that can help any type of cause. The CSR Co-op decided to make the Birds Nest Foundation the portal that they could message existing and incubate new foundations. The network is loaded with many other good nonprofits and all are welcome.

Watch for monthly events in New York City at iconic locations, such as The Pierre Hotel and BRGuest Restaurants, to be announced shortly which will blend networking, education and fund raising with the sole purpose of caring about more than just profits. These events will be coordinated with the help of Campbell, Sabrina Chapman and Dina White.