Dylan's Lunchbox

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Our newest health-driven show features Dylan Richards, a 17-year-old food critic whose goal is to find the healthiest restaurants in NYC. He is spreading the message to his peers that it is great to eat healthy by visiting local, sustainable and organic restaurants.

24 Episodes aired in March 2011 on NYC Life, Taxi TV and other networks.

Dylan Richards is a highly visible food critic who spends countless hours traveling throughout the five boroughs of New York City evaluating restaurants and eateries to assess the quality, ingredients, and taste of food while noting the ambiance and cleanliness of the establishment. Dylan has documented his findings for the series currently in production entitled "LunchNYC." "LunchNYC" is a documentary-style television show that addresses the poor food quality that school children are submitted to as the incidence of obesity and health issues have taken on national urgency. Lunch and Dylan travel beyond the school cafeteria to farms, supermarkets, culinary institutes and food establishments to discover the pleasure and progress associated with a healthy lifestyle, while exposing the stark reality of poor food quality that far too many school children (and adults) are subjected to.

Dylan is a 9th grade student at Columbia Preparatory School in Manhattan. Dylan studies math, science, English, history and Chinese at Columbia Prep and is actively involved in community service. Dylan's love for sports is evident as he is both an active participant and fan for his local NY-based teams (Yankees, Giants, and Knicks). Dylan plays baseball for his school team, and in his most recent season was captain and starting shortstop at Columbia Prep for his 7th & 8th grade team. Dylan has appeared in other short films with a focus on health-related issues in recent years and also starred in a short film intended to increase prostate cancer awareness. Dylan enjoys exploring the world and has traveled throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Dylan lives with his mother, father, sister and man's best friends (three dogs: Snowball, Sparkles, and Simba).

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