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Angelo Sorrenti
Angelo Sorrenti
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CSR Cooperative


Multimedia campaigns are a crucial step in nurturingnonprofits. After all, they spread the mission and the message to the target audience. However, the cost of a multimedia campaign can be daunting.

Avis Gold Richards is creating real opportunities for nonprofits to move to the next level through her Birds Nest Foundation. She is operating in conjunction with the CSR Cooperative — a powerful group of like-minded companies, individuals and organizations, all working to increase corporate social responsibility (CSR). The CSR Co-op is an initiative of HUMMedia, an innovative communications agency, which shares the Birds Nest Foundation mission of bringing important resources together to make a difference in the corporate social responsibility arena.

The Birds Nest Foundation provides high-quality multimedia to nonprofits and non-governmental organizations around the world in an effort to educate and promote important causes and issues. The products of Birds Nest enable nonprofits and other foundations to communicate their messages through media such as Web design, social media platforms, public service announcements, documentaries and television.

Birds Nest, the CSR Co-op and HUMMedia will be fueled by the revolutionary “digital toolbox” created by tech-media visionary Judy Shapiro and her enterprise, engageSimply. Shapiro writes the highly regarded “Digital Next” column for Ad Age. Her “digital toolbox” is a proprietary platform to merge the power of social media, direct response, community and content into a scalable communications system. This global platform, enhanced by HUMMedia’s global HUMNews operation, will enable Richards’ Birds Nest Foundation to benefit foundations and brands everywhere.

The Birds Nest Foundation has produced many award winning public service announcements, video shorts for nonprofit events, electronic journals, event media and short documentaries for a wide range of charitable organizations. It has worked with some of the biggest names in sports, politics, entertainment and health, including Andre Agassi, Joe Torre, Boris Kodjoe, former New York Mayor Ed Koch and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The convergence of Birds Nest and these other CSR-oriented initiatives under the umbrella organization H/U/M (Human Unlimited Media) will ensure that nonprofits are matched to relevant corporate clients to produce strategic messaging campaigns that will propel both the profit and the nonprofit sectors. This model is a win-win solution that boosts each participant’s ability to succeed.

Richards was dining at New York’s Primehouse restaurant, sponsor of many cause-related events for H/U/M, with Donnetta Campbell, president of HUMMedia and founder of the CSR Co-op, and Joy DiBenedetto, founder of HUMNews, when they came up with a new concept: They would create an innovative client program based on the concept that ideas are like eggs in a nest – eggs that will hatch perfectly if nurtured by the proper messaging and support systems of existing leaders and services.

Richards and the H/U/M/ CSR Co-op can assist with the fundraising and networking process by connecting any nonprofit to a network of individuals or companies with the ability to help its foundation grow. Nonprofits can apply for a grant from the Birds Nest Foundation or find sponsorship to finance the multimedia material they would like to produce.

Birds Nest client Angelo Sorrenti is a perfect example of the way in which Richards’ foundation will function. Just last week, Richards met Angelo Sorrenti, a HUMMedia client who is poised to launch a line of products and services under the name “As I Am.” Sorrenti has been a leader in the fitness and nutrition field since he was a teenager and is ready to launch his company.

“It was an instant connection,” says Richards. “I knew exactly what Angelo was looking to achieve by establishing a nonprofit. He is the perfect match for our CSR Cooperative concept.”

Sorrenti studied nutrition and physical education in Italy and came up with “Angelo Sorrenti Integral Advanced Manipulation program” (AS I AM).

“As I Am” is a nutritional program that restores the body to perfect health and natural body weight by using clean foods, minerals, vitamins and water. Disease and other disorders occur when the body is out of balance. “As I Am” balances the body’s systems, making them work in perfect synergy with each other to achieve a balanced metabolic condition. The “As I Am” program restructures how the body functions, causing the metabolism to rise, sluggishness to disappear, and unhealthy storages to be flushed out, enabling peak performance.

Sorrenti believes there are many factors that have contributed to the rise of obesity in America. First, people eat so many processed foods, soda and other foods with high-fructose corn syrup. To make matters worse people over eat, fail to get enough exercise and either diet or “yo-yo” diet, which precipitates a malfunction of the metabolism and hormone imbalances that make it virtually impossible to lose weight. As I Am resets the body's metabolism and, with proper nutrition and exercise, can maintain this perfect state, says Sorrenti.

HUMMedia saw the connection and introduced him to Richards and her Birds Nest Foundation. “Upon meeting Avis and seeing her film, ‘Lunch,’ I knew immediately there was synergy and that we could work together,” Sorrenti says. “In our own ways, we are both educators with a need to disseminate our knowledge to others.” “Lunch” is Richards’ award-winning documentary about the causes and consequences of growing up in a junk food culture.

The first question Richards asked Sorrenti when they met was, “Who would you like to help?” He describes this moment as a “light bulb” moment. Sorrenti had just completed two makeovers, saving two more people from obesity, achievements that were so life changing, they received worldwide attention from the press and the public. People from across the United States and Europe have contacted Sorrenti to learn more about his “As I Am” program. When he realized that many did not have the financial resources to undertake a new fitness regimen, he vowed to raise the money and visibility for his program himself if he wanted to achieve his goal of making “As I Am” available to those who want to take part worldwide. With the help of the Birds Nest Foundation, Sorrenti is on his way.

Sorrenti will be featured as a program lifestyle expert on Richards’ “LunchNYC” television program, which premieres in October on Bloomberg’s NYCLife Channel 25. (It will be available online for those who don’t live in New York.) This will allow him to spread this message and educate the masses. This message has definitely caught on in the media: He just had an amazing before-and-after client profile feature in September’s Allure magazine. David Rabadi, the "hot" celebrity columnist of Splash global magazines, has called Sorrenti “The Miracle Trainer” of New York's elite. “He puts the ‘it’ in Fitness,” writes Rabadi. “Page Six” in the New York Post called him the "trainer body shocker.” VMagazine and Harper’s Bazaar will also be focusing on Sorrenti in September.

That first meeting with Richards gave Sorrenti the spark he needed to move forward with his philanthropic work and launch is company. “As I Am” will feature fitness-related products, such as clothing, supplements, books, videos, home delivery of proprietary meals, and fitness facilities.

Children are most vulnerable to obesity and will be a key part of the program. In Richards’ award-winning documentary, “Lunch,” the national school lunch program and fitness program budget cuts are cited as a major cause of the rise in incidence of childhood obesity, which the CDC reports has more than tripled in the past 30 years.

These factors “put children and adolescents at a greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, as well as social and psychological problems, such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem” states the CDC report.

Congress will get a special screening of Richards’ “Lunch” documentary sometime this fall.

Once established, the As I Am Foundation will pay it forward by providing peer leadership training to other professionals in the health, fitness, nutrition and medical fields to encourage the spread of Sorrenti’s message. HUMMedia will reflect all of these powerful messages in Sorrenti’s public relations and marketing platforms.

For more information about the CSR Cooperative, the initiative responsible for bringing people together to engage in corporate social responsibility, please visit CSR Co-op’s Facebook page or go to HUMNews.


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