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23 Oct
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Birds Nest Foundation is really excited to celebrate Food Day with restaurants and food vendors around New York City. Too many children still don’t know where fresh food comes from and many have never had the satisfaction of growing food that they can eat! It’s time to focus on the next generation.

We are  launching the 2014-15 Ground Up Campaign by asking restaurants to donate anywhere between 1-5% of your net profits for one day only, October 24.  This is our pilot project and we are looking expand in the coming years. 

Read more about the restaurants below and don't forget to visit any of these restaurants today. 

It's time we think of the next generation 

Hu Kitchen

Smart. Healthy. Revolutionary.

These three words encapsulate HU Kitchen. Located at 78 5th Avenue, New York, NY, Hu Kitchen is “not just a place to grab food but a destination.” Their philosophy as a restaurant revolves around a commitment to serving both delicious food and food that is good for you.

HU Kitchen is dedicated to serving unprocessed food and making their menu entirely gluten-free and mostly dairy and grain free. Oh and did I mention no GMOs? Friendly to Vegans, Vegetarians, and Paleo Dieters alike, Hu Kitchen is unique in its heart to not just serve food to a niche group, but really to share their passion for natural eating with all humans.

Jordan Brown and Jessica Karp, the sibling owners of HU Kitchen, were inspired by their own difficulty to find a restaurant where they felt they were getting something both healthy and good. So instead of just cooking to feed themselves, the siblings wanted to share their Pre-industrial food philosophy with New Yorkers, and we’re really glad they did.

Most well known for their vegetable mash side dish and their paleo French toast, they have amazing breakfast and brunch dishes, while offering organic beer and raw juice. Find out more about HU Kitchen at http://hukitchen.com/philosophy.php

Pop Karma 

While making your way down Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, you’ll come across a place called Pop karma, an “all-natural gourmet” popcorn shop.

For Pop karma, “good food means good health.” They believe in food that is “bred naturally with traits that have been proven over generations.” That is why their popcorn is made from top-quality ingredients, plus it’s gluten-free! The ingredients used are organic and no GMOs are included. No trans fat, no preservatives, no guilt to feel after munching down a bag of PopKarma popcorn.

What makes Pop Karma more special is its joint venture with Birds Nest Foundation on Food Day this Friday, October 24th! They’ll be donating 5% of their net profits of that day to our Ground Up Campaign, where we donate gardens to NYC elementary schools. 

Stop by the Pop Karma shop at 95 Orchard Street and try their pumpkin spice caramel flavored popcorn. Bet you won’t find that anywhere else. Your purchase at Pop Karma will help start a health revolution at NYC elementary schools.

D'vida Health Bar 

In Latin, d’vida translates to mean “For Life.” Here  d’vida, they created a concept that embodies a wholesome life style and promotes longevity. They emphasize fresh, local, seasonal, organic nutrient dense foods, while embracing convenience. All of their dishes provide essential nutrients to support the body’s ability to function with clarity, energy and immunity.

d’vida health bar opened its first location to the public inside 11 Madison Ave in 2010 on the premise that it would provide its customers with unique, healthy and functional grab and go products.

d’vida health bar features fresh food and beverages, healthy food service technicians who can educate customers about healthier food choices as they make their selections in the store, and an online network of expert knowledge that guides customers on the path toward a healthy and elegant lifestyle. Their goal is to help people add delicious and nutritious food and drinks to their day in a fun, easy way.

There are two locations:

- 11 Madison Ave (at 24th St in the Credit Suisse building)

- 357 West 49th St (b/t 8th and 9th Ave inside World Wide Plaza)

If you want more info, you can visit : http://www.dvidahealth.com/



Amy’s Bread

Amy’s Bread is an organic bakery that “nourishes the bodies, minds, and spirits of the communities we serve." Not only do they strictly use organic ingredients, they support local farms by using local dairy products, eggs and seasonal fruits. This bakery also combines great food with great relationships. With a strong family-based comp

any, they encourage their employees in the business to become the best bakers than can be, some staying with the company for over 22 years.

Amy’s Bread not only has multiple types of baked goods, but they also have multiple types of contributions to the community. According to them, “Every day we donate our extra bread to Fountain House and City Harvest (8000 lbs per month gathered from our 3 stores)” and have “participated in countless local school fund-raisers, hunger-related charities, and community events.”

Amy’s Bread is located in Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea Market and The Village. Why not stop in and try something from the café or else get a delivery of fresh bread and a birthday cake right to your apartment.

Candle Café

“Since 1994, Candle Café has been serving an organic vegan menu composed of the freshest ingredients available and has been continually rated as one of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the country by both traditional and holistic communities.” 

Founded by Bart Potenza and Joy Pierson and assisted by the $53,000 in the take-five lottery, this café boomed and even inspired the creation of their book, Candle Café Cookbook. Using local organically grown products, they are 100% free of pesticides, chemicals, gmo’s and hormones.

Candle Cafe also utilizes its simplistic ingredients in the most unique ways to ensure taste and quality. One of its most popular dessert dishes is its distinct Carrot Cake, which is smothered in thick, decadent tofu cream cheese frosting. The restaurant also offers a Live dessert dish, the Live Coconut Key Lime Pie. 

Fun Fact:  Candle Café was the first Certified Green Restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association in NYC.

Located on the Upper East Side: 1307 Third Avenue Btw 74th and 75th

Located on the Upper West Side:  2427 Broadway Between 89th and 90th 


Quintessence is an organic, vegan and raw gourmet restaurant located in the East Village in NYC. According to them, “Our food is comprised of some of the most rare and exotic ingredients found on earth, and combine to form the elegant, innovative dishes that have been celebrated as some of the very best found in New York City.”

Founded by Mun (Tolentin) Chan of Hong Kong in 1999, Quintessence was created for a “mission to provide our customers an opportunity to achieve Well Being in all areas of their life; that is to experience wellness in the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Many “health conscious” people are caught in the web of their particular dietary regime. They become so attached to the labels of “vegetarian”, “vegan”, “raw” etc...that they lost the ability to listen to what their body is telling them.”

The underlying premise behind all of the food made at Quintessence is the philosophy that people who include more raw foods in their diet will experience increased physical and mental status, elimination of cravings and a stronger immune system. They call this “Life Food.”

Take a break, eat healthy and enjoy the spa-like environment at Quintessence, the essence of Food in the East Village.

Two Tablespoons 

Started in 2012, Two Tablespoons was started by chef- Katya Kosar & Gosha Danilov. Their focus is on making vegetarian gluten free food with high nutrients. While they use seasonal locally grown produce, they even educate customers about the importance of healthy eating.  They make fresh, affordable and easy snacks that you could  grab to go. 

They believe in eating  healthier, cleaner and less processed food. Some of the dishes on their menu include, Radish, Apple and White Bean Ceviche,  Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Triangles . In their main they have, Butternut Squash and Walnut Risotto, Pumpkin and Black Bean Patties with Kale Salad  , Soba Noodles with Seasonal Vegetables and Almond Sauce. 

They serve  at street fairs, markets, private parties and special events. Today you can catch them at Bryant Park.

Bistro Chat Noir 

Local food doesn’t mean local impact.

Bistro Chat Noir, a fine dining restaurant on the Upper East Side, is making a big statement by using local ingredients.  Most of the time, restaurants take the path of least resistance by choosing a supply company and getting food shipped in from across the country or even across international borders.  But Bistro Chat Noir goes the extra mile to ensure the prosperity of local farms, which helps maintain jobs in agriculture in and around the city while also conveying their commitment to serving the freshest food around.

Suzanne Latapie, the restaurant’s founder, co-owner, and president, states her beliefs about food, “You’re only as good as your last meal.” A firm believer in excellent food and excellent service, Suzanne is interested in providing a quality experience to customers.

Bistro Chat Noir is a restaurant famous for attracting the rich and famous, which means they share their food philosophy with many people in power, potentially contributing to lasting change in food policy.

This Food Day, October 24th 2014, we are proud to announce Bistro Chat Noir is partnering with Birds Nest Foundation by donating a portion of their profits to The Ground Up Campaign, an initiative to put gardens into schools.

For more information about Bistro Chat Noir go to: http://www.bistrochatnoir.com/BistroChatNoir/Chat_Noir.html

We’re starting a revolution-bringing nutrition education to classrooms one garden at a time.

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