Food Truck “The Green Radish”

18 Sep
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Founder/Chef: James Rafferty  
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Twitter: @thegreenradish1



Sometimes, food trucks can be good options for our lunch. Food trucks are accessible and the foods are fast and convenient if you have a short lunch break. The Edible Word crew found a bright green food truck on 51st St, between Madison and Park Ave. The Green Radish is a mobile destination for delicious, vegan organic food established in the New York City and by chef James Rafferty. It has been just a year since The Green Radish started.

“The Green Radish was sparked by my desire to share that profound sense of wellness that I feel with others, and to do it with food that turns most people’s notion of what Vegan is on its head: our menu is fresh and delicious and satisfying.” Says Rafferty.

The idea was come from the fact that there are very few vegan and organic food trucks in New York City and it’s hard to find healthy fast food. You may think that “healthy” cannot co-exist with “fast” and “delicious”. Voila! The Green Radish’s menu of healthy, fast, also mouthwatering lunch items is rapidly developing a following among hungry New Yorkers who have become devotees of The ‘Rad’s Black Bean Burger and other delicacies.

The best seller of The Green Radish is “Baked Black Bean Burger” with melted onions, avocado puree, chipotle mayo and toasted whole-wheat bun. And they also bake everything in commercial kitchen, such as “Donart” that is the half-doughnut half-tart hybrid dessert and banana muffin. Of course, they are gluten free desserts.

If you are looking for a place with affordable healthy food, The Green Radish is definitely the place we urge you to check out and try! You can check where the truck is now on Facebook(/thegreenradish) and Twitter(@thegreenradish1). If you get to know The Green Radish, maybe you will wait the morning tweet touting their location as essential daily news.

By: Lisa Lakeman, Sunmin Oh

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