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12 Aug
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2427 Broadway, New York, NY 1002
Owner:  Bart Potenza 

Tucked between 89th and 90th street on Broadway, Candle Cafe’s Upper West Side location provides an aesthetically pleasing, relaxed environment, in which its customers can enjoy exceptional, distinctive vegan cuisine. The restaurant, founded by Bart Potenza, was inspired by Potenza’s wife, whose commitment to vegetarian and holistic eating incited the restaurant’s creation. Its menu consists of delicious, healthy and homemade sandwiches, salads, entrees and desserts, each made with fresh, organic, meatless-options.

Candle Cafe West prides itself on its organic, eco-friendly food selections. Its mission is to better people’s lives and the environment through natural vegan cuisine. What makes the restaurant especially unique is its use of LIVE options, which contain solely raw materials. Its LIVE Lasagna for example, filled with wild mushrooms, cashew cheese and pine nut pesto, is plated beautifully, and tastes both fresh and spice-filled. Each Candle Cafe dish uses the most natural ingredients possible, while paying attention to flavor and seasoning. In addition, whether it be an entree or drink, every item on the menu is presented with an eye-catching, culinary aesthetic.

As part of its mission to only use the most organic food options, Candle Cafe West utilizes its simplistic ingredients in the most unique ways to ensure taste and quality. One of its most popular dessert dishes is its distinct Carrot Cake, which is smothered in thick, decadent tofu cream cheese frosting. The restaurant also offers a LIVE dessert dish, the LIVE Coconut Key Lime Pie. With solely raw ingredients, this refreshing treat is made with sweet, raw ginger ice cream.

As if its entrees and desserts weren’t enough, Candle Cafe West goes the extra mile with its cocktails and smoothies. With one’s well-being in mind, one of Candle Cafe’s most popular smoothies, the Passion Paradise, contains passion fruit, grapefruit, agave and chia seeds. The agave proves a healthy alternative to white sugar, while the chia seeds help hydration and blood pressure. Plain and simple, Candle Cafe makes both its sweet and savory dishes with the both customer’s wellness and palate in mind.

Brittany Nieves 

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