The New Recipe Book?

08 Jul
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           Well it’s dinnertime. That means it’s time to go to the kitchen, pull out all the pots and pans, roll up your sleeves, and finally pull out your cookbook-Oh, wait, sorry you can scratch the last item from your list. Why? The creators of I Tradizionali have come up with a new concept. The idea: a washable tattoo of a traditional Italian recipe. 

          All you have to do is pick the recipe of your choice, take a damp towel and stamp it on your arm. The clean up is also easy. You take an alcohol swab and wipe it off of your arm. Easy as 1..2..3..! No more flipping pages with greasy dirty fingers, losing your page, or having the pages stick together resulting in missing a part of the recipe.

           The tattoos come in Italian and English and are organized into packs. The different packs consist of antipasti, primi, secondi, drinks, and dolci. In addition they come with four different recipe designs. Lastly, the pack will include ingredient amounts, since the tattoo only features the steps for assembling the recipe. You can find simpleillustrated recipes for dishes such as spaghetti, meatballs, etc.

            This idea is definitely a creative one and gets an ‘A’ for effort, but the cookbook has been around for years and years so it just might simply be irreplaceable.

By Weslee Yacker


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