Rosemary's: Restaurant with a Rooftop Farm

19 Jun
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18 Greenwich Ave

New York, NY 10011

Owner: Carlos Suarez

Food: Italian

Ever wonder where your produce and vegetables come from when eating your meal at a restaurant? Well you won’t ever have to wonder when eating at Rosemary’s Enoteca and Trattoria in NYC.

It is named Rosemary’s after owner Carlos Suarez’s mother. The restaurant was inspired by her home in Tuscany. This “trendy” and “locally produced” Italian restaurant located in the West Village is known for producing their own herbs and produce in their garden, which is located on the rooftop of their building. Rosemary

Owner Carlos Suarez, with the help of his friends at Brooklyn Grange, helped make this reality of a rooftop Garden come to life. Chef Wade Moises tends to the garden each day. In the morning he starts by making the sauces in the kitchen and then makes his way upstairs to pick the veggies and herbs from the garden that he will use in the dishes.

Some of the restaurants more popular dishes are the Rooftop Salad, which contains the veggies grown on the roof, and orecchiette with homemade sausage and braised radishes. What makes their infamous orecchiette different is that they use the top of the radishes instead of the standard inside part. Another popular dish is their twist on the classic Caesar Salad.

Instead of using the traditional romaine lettuce, they use finely shredded celery. The classical dressing and crotons, however, remain the same.

   Rosemary’s is definitely a place to check out. The service is on-point and the atmosphere makes you feel as if you escaped from New York and stepped into Tuscany. Adding this all on to their fresh and flavorful meals, the crisp wine, and the uniqueness of the rooftop garden – it’s a dining experience that should not be missed.

Weslee Yacker

Source for picture: Nymag

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