Spring Natural Kitchen

28 May
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474 Columbus Ave
NY, New York 10024
Owner: Rustam Schoeuholt
Food: Modernized international favorites

To start the Spring off right, the Edible Word crew headed uptown to discover the wonders of Spring Natural Kitchen located at 474 Columbus Ave. And we must say, what a dining experience!  Automatically after entering Spring Natural we were greeted with a warm welcome from establishment owner Rustam Schoeuholt, who also owns its big sister chain Spring Street Natural located on 62 Spring Street. It was clear that this establishment was centered and focus on a warm family experience.

The restaurant was filled with customers who represented the dynamic range  of the area, and when asked they labeled themselves as repeat loyal customers. We got a moment to sit and chat with owner Rustam Schoeuholt to get a better idea of what Spring Natural Kitchen was really all about. When asked to describe the philosophy of Spring Natural Kitchen owner Schoeuholt stated  “ to serve good, wholesome, unprocessed cooked from scratch.”  They strive to serve high quality ingredients while enjoying a very low key relaxed environment.  Some of their high quality food includes their delicious fresh baked from scratch bread which is prepared by their own special baker, and hand made condiments such as ketchup. When conversing with customers the natural aspect of the restaurant's menu is what attracted them and has kept them loyal customers for many years. “One of the benefits from Spring Natural Kitchen is you can come here and don't have to be vegan or a vegetarian we have options for anyone.” Customers having the options to choose between vegetarian dishes and meat dishes while keeping everything extremely fresh and healthy creates a nice balance at Spring Natural keeping all customers satisfied and happy. The menu is filled with a vary to fresh salads to which you can add your own choices of meat if you choose, burgers (vegetarian, meat) and of course fresh seafood.

Overall the experience at Spring Natural was one we will not forget and a great way to start off this spring season.  If you are looking to find a restaurant with affordable healthy food options Spring Natural is definitely a place we urge you to check out and see! Don't forget to visit their website at http://www.springnaturalkitchen.com/  for a better look at their menu,and to take time to experience the ambience of their restaurant located at 474 Columbus Ave NY, New York.

Minji Kim, Taina Manigat, Omari Saxby

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