THE EDIBLE WORD features Dylan Richards (Dylan's Lunchbox host) and our traveling food critics who will be reviewing healthy restaurants, markets, food trucks and more.  

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20 Jul

Founder: Karliin Brooks
Twitter:  @TheSqueezeNY

At The Squeeze juice bar in New York City, owner Karliin Brooks has found the recipe to success that sets The Squeeze apart from other juice bars in the area. The secret is variety, and lots of it. Not only does The Squeeze offer tons of different smoothies and juices, but they offer vegan comfort food that tastes so good you’ll forget that it’s healthy.

13 Jul

Here at Birds Nest Foundation, we are always on the look out for easy vegan meals. The vegan lifestyle normally requires a lot of cooking, but thanks to brothers Kurt and Danny Biroc’s delicious heat-and-go  meals, eating vegan isn’t hard! Freakin’ Vegan offers a lot of yummy options such as the vegan pulled porkless slider, broccoli & cheddar cheese, and the vegan chik’n’ veggie pot pie. We talked to Kurt about his innovative and healthy products.

08 Jul

Co-Founder: Anthony Lepree, Alfred Anthony
Twitter: @8thWonderJuice

If you're ever in Gramercy, 8th Wonder is definitely the place to go for something quick and healthy. Usually you'd have to sacrifice one for the other, but the owners of the shop, Anthony Lepree and Alfred Anthony, have cracked the code! Their menu includes items such as cold pressed juices that are whipped up and packaged each morning, acai bowls and fresh juices made to order, granola bars, and of course, smoothies!

07 Jul

By now, everyone has heard about matcha tea or matcha latte. Matcha, a traditional green tea is taking over cafes in cities like San Francisco, Boston and even New York. There are reports that matcha tea sales have increased to more than 10 billion a year.  We have a café in Brooklyn that has a dedicated a whole menu for people who love matcha. We decided to find out the reasons why people are hooked on it. 

We visited two famous cafés in New York. There are two reasons why matcha tea is making waves. First, some of the health benefits are amazing.  It is believed that matcha is high in antioxidants. It also prevents heart disease and cancer. Studies have shown 2 cups of green tea will speed up your metabolism by nearly 5%. Second, matcha as an ingredient can be used in a lot of products like ice cream, madeleine, Frappuccino etc. 

 Do you want to know more about this hottest trend, matcha? Check out our video

24 Jun

When an event takes place that allows you to surround yourself around people with healthy lifestyle habits while sampling vegan treats, it’s wise to jump on the opportunity. The Seed Experience Expo, which took place June 20-21, provided all of those things plus more and we were excited to attend. Located at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint, The Seed Experience boasted a variety of vendors who all commit to a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.

14 Apr

Here’s an interesting fact to start off your day: April 14th is National Pecan Day. As silly as that may sound, there are a few good reasons to celebrate the existence of this nut. Pecan is certified as “heart healthy” by the American Heart Association. Due to being rich in good fats, pecans can reduce the risk of heart disease and lower your cholesterol. What makes them more special is that they’re the only nut trees native to North America.

These quick and simple recipes can turn something as silly as National Pecan Day into something beneficial to your diet. But if you are not feeling fancy, grabbing a handful of pecans is just as good to celebrate this day.

17 Feb

Many of us use smartphones at night, though we are aware of the fact that staring at the small screens for a long time is not good. We also tend to binge watch television even though we are aware that it’s not good for our eyes. We also constantly stare at some kind screen without taking a break.  Most of us really take our vision for granted.

 Nowadays, however, vision problem in America is serious issue. According to statistics, about 3 millions American are suffering from blindness, about 23 millions have low vision, and about 26 millions are visually impaired. The statistics even suggest that the blindness is estimated to double in 2030.

27 Jan

Spinach used to be the go to healthy option for many people; nowadays it’s been replaced by the likes of kale, avocados and quinoa. Not to say that these guys are not just as great and healthy but what about spinach? Did everyone forget about how Popeye would eat a can of spinach right before beating up the bad guy?

20 Jan

Wednesday, January 21st is National Granola Bar Day! Granola bars can vary in ingredients from marshmallow filled, sugary snacks to healthy, nutty bars of goodness. Let’s celebrate those healthy options in time for National Granola Bar Day. Why not try out the latest health food trends like quinoa and coconut oil in your recipes! 

12 Dec

                   (Credit: Sunmin Oh)

The holiday season might be over, but if you're anything like us, you can't get enough chocolate, cake, and dessert. Why not extend the holiday season cheer with some healthy and delicious raw vegan desserts?! Baking for your friends is hard and you often can't please everyone, but with these raw vegan desserts, you can cater to almost all of the dietary requirements that walk through your door this post-holiday season.

09 Dec

December 9 is National Pastry Day (Who knew it existed?). It was created to celebrate and enjoy your favorite pastries. In other words, it was created to indulge in your calorie cravings and regret it the next day when you can’t fit into your jeans. But if you make these healthy pastry recipes below there won’t be any need to be regretful:  

26 Nov

Ah, Thanksgiving. The day we all gather around and give thanks to what we’re grateful for in our lives, or as we all call it, I-ate-so-much-I-am-about-to-explode-day. The aftermath of the Thanksgiving dinner gives us the realization that we do not self-control and we do not have the money to purchase new clothing that will not squeeze the soul out of us. But fear not, there are alternative healthy meals that will spare us the guilt of pigging out. Now let’s all gather around the table and stuff our faces like there is no tomorrow:

18 Nov

For some people, winter means wearing cozy sweaters and pumpkin spiced lattes. But for most of us, it means suffering from fatigue, sore throats, runny and stuffy noses. The root of our suffering this winter season can be credited to the flu. Thankfully, vitamin-C is here to save the day. If you’re suffering from the flu, vitamin-C can lessen the severity of your symptoms and helps you recover quickly. Not only will you be fighting the cold, vitamin-C has anti aging benefits. It forms collagen, which aids in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll feel great and look fabulous. Don’t become a victim of the flu season and fight back with these simple healthy vitamin-C rich recipes:

23 Oct

Birds Nest Foundation is really excited to celebrate Food Day with restaurants and food vendors around New York City. Too many children still don’t know where fresh food comes from and many have never had the satisfaction of growing food that they can eat! It’s time to focus on the next generation.

We are  launching the 2014-15 Ground Up Campaign by asking restaurants to donate anywhere between 1-5% of your net profits for one day only, October 24.  This is our pilot project and we are looking expand in the coming years. 

Read more about the restaurants below and don't forget to visit any of these restaurants today. 

It's time we think of the next generation 

21 Oct

While making your way down Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, you’ll come across a place called Pop Karma, an “all-natural gourmet” popcorn shop.

20 Oct

Smart. Healthy. Revolutionary.

These three words encapsulate HU Kitchen. Located at 78 5th Avenue, New York, NY, Hu Kitchen is “not just a place to grab food but a destination.” Their philosophy as a restaurant revolves around a commitment to serving both delicious food and food that is good for you.

07 Oct

Did  you know apples are members of the rose family?  Major productions of apples are occurred in China and the United States of America. There are about 8000 different kinds of apples, a rich in antioxidants and some of the easier fruits to snatch from a tree. Now, this happens to be the perfect season to go picking for some of these delicious delights. The apples vary in sizes and have their unique tastes. However, Crab Apple is the only one native to North America.

23 Sep

Last week on Monday, September 15, marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s a time of celebration and acknowledgement for Latin Americans’ contribution to our society. Originally declared a week-long event by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968, it was expanded into a month twenty years later by President Ronald Reagan. Hispanics make up 17.1% of the U.S. population, which continues to grow. The largest Latino influence that can be seen in American society is on cuisine. Goya, Taco Bell, and Chipotle are examples of American society embracing Hispanic culture. Experiencing the savory flavors of Latin American cuisine is one way to celebrate the culture. An even better way to do so is through the healthy alternatives. Check them out below:

18 Sep

Founder/Chef: James Rafferty  
To see their daily location
Twitter: @thegreenradish1



Sometimes, food trucks can be good options for our lunch. Food trucks are accessible and the foods are fast and convenient if you have a short lunch break. The Edible Word crew found a bright green food truck on 51st St, between Madison and Park Ave. The Green Radish is a mobile destination for delicious, vegan organic food established in the New York City and by chef James Rafferty. It has been just a year since The Green Radish started.

04 Sep

Today, September 4 is National Macadamia Nut Day. Macadamia nut is one of the popular edible nuts. Many people love these buttery and flavorful nuts. And also I love macadamia nuts because they are crunchy as well as soggy. However, if you know these health-benefiting nutrients, you will love macadamia nuts much more.

12 Aug

2427 Broadway, New York, NY 1002
Owner:  Bart Potenza 

Tucked between 89th and 90th street on Broadway, Candle Cafe’s Upper West Side location provides an aesthetically pleasing, relaxed environment, in which its customers can enjoy exceptional, distinctive vegan cuisine. The restaurant, founded by Bart Potenza, was inspired by Potenza’s wife, whose commitment to vegetarian and holistic eating incited the restaurant’s creation. Its menu consists of delicious, healthy and homemade sandwiches, salads, entrees and desserts, each made with fresh, organic, meatless-options.

11 Aug

No matter how hard we try, the temptation to indulge in desserts can be too difficult to resist.  Factor in barbecues and food fests, it seems like savory sweets are always all around us in the season we’re trying to stay the most in shape. National Raspberry Tart Day falls right towards the end of bathing suit season, enticing us with its perfect blend of sweet and tart.

Satisfying our sweet tooth with this splendor shouldn’t make us feel guilty. We can take solace inthe fact that raspberries make healthy fillings, and there are alternatives for the crust that will leave us feeling less bloated than w’d think.


04 Aug

A big concern surrounding the vegetarian or vegan diet is a lack of protein.  People often believe that meat is the only strong source of protein.  However, there are many other foods that are full of protein. 

28 Jul

  Dan Janssen, also known as “The Pizza Guy,” became a news story sensation.  For the past 25 years, he has eaten pizza for at least one meal a day.  Why is this relevant to Meatless Mondays? Dan is a vegetarian.   However, despite the fact that he doesn’t eat meat, he hates vegetables.  He only likes to eat plain cheese pizza.

24 Jul


There’s nothing better than a chilled lemonade to fight off the summer heat, but have you ever thought about the health benefits you’re getting with each sip? Lemons are an essential fruit in homes everywhere, popular all over the world, but they’re good for more than a cool drink and sour taste.

22 Jul

Today is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, which makes today as good a time as any to discuss the health benefits of ice cream when eaten in moderation. As we all know, ice cream is made from the churning and chilling of cream, sweetener and flavoring. Once the mix freezes, the result is a filling dessert that can affect us in both positive and negative ways.

18 Jul

Fast Food And Your Arteries

It’s dinnertime, but after a long day, with a low budget, many American families skip a tedious trip to the kitchen and buy easy, cheap fast food. The logic is simple: fast food costs very little, it tastes good, and it’s an easy alternative to cooking a meal. Yet, the time and money it may take to prepare a healthy meal is worth it when one considers the consequences of fast food consumption. So, what exactly are the adverse effects of quick, cheap and easy eating that make the slow and steady approach the winner in the healthy-living race?

15 Jul

Move over french fries and ice cream, I have a new foodie obsession. Bumpy on the outside and creamy on the inside, avacados have become my new struggle. It all started when I added avocados to my salad as a fill-in for the chicken I was too lazy to cook. The avocados proved to be a great alternative for the chicken while adding flavor to the salad.

My cravings for avocado were fueled by my other battle - an affection for Chipotle. No burrito bowl is complete without guacamole. So, I continued to enjoy my burrito bowls (with a side of chips and guacamole) for lunch thinking nothing of it.

09 Jul

When you think of tasty summer snacks to nibble on at the beach or on a picnic, sugar cookies probably don’t come to mind. They’re generally associated with winter and yet July 9 is National Sugar Cookie Day … though perhaps that’s for good reason. It’s easy enough to gobble up cookies while chalking up the consequences to communal winter weight gain. Placing National Sugar Cookie Day smack dab in the middle of bathing suit season gives us reason to pause and consider the healthiest ways to enjoy these delicious treats. So, if you’re trying to celebrate this holiday (that you may well have only just heard of) without compromising your beach-ready physique, check out this sugar cookie recipe that contains only 109 calories per serving.


08 Jul

           Well it’s dinnertime. That means it’s time to go to the kitchen, pull out all the pots and pans, roll up your sleeves, and finally pull out your cookbook-Oh, wait, sorry you can scratch the last item from your list. Why? The creators of I Tradizionali have come up with a new concept. The idea: a washable tattoo of a traditional Italian recipe. 

07 Jul

It may seem like Monday was chose arbitrarily or simply because of the alliteration.  However, there are actually a few reasons why the campaign chose Monday as the best day to go meatless.

As humans, we plan our lives on a weekly basis.  Weeks are an important unit of time to us because they shape our lives.  People get into a weekly rhythm and therefore doing something every Monday can easily fit into this routine.

In Western culture, Monday represents the beginning of the week.  It is when people are returning to school or work and preparing for the rest of their week.  Monday is often a hard day for people and they are getting back into the swing of the weekdays.  However, it is also an opportunity for a fresh start.  Eating meatless is a great way to get that fresh start!

03 Jul

Contrary to popular belief, barbecues and grills can be delicious for more than just meat-lovers. We shouldn’t have to give up our healthy eating streak just to kick back with our friends for this summer tradition. This July 4th, mix it up with some vegetarian and vegan options. If you’re feeling even more of a cleanse, try the paleo route.

03 Jul

Indulge your sweet tooth this Independence Day! This is a fun, tasty and guilt-free treat that’s perfect for the Fourth of July.

01 Jul

There’s a soup kitchen network in New York City founded on the principle that fresh, healthy food served with dignity is a right, not a luxury.

30 Jun

Although soups are typically associated with the winter months and being sick, they can actually be a great way to get the nutrients we need and help to keep up with our healthy diets, even in the summer.

30 Jun

Many people may wonder why they should go meatless for one day a week.  People also think that vegetarianism has to be an all or nothing thing, but this is not true.  When it comes to health and the environment, every little bit counts.  Becoming unhealthy does not happen at once, it happens “just one more cookie” at a time.   Climate change came about in the same fashion: slowly and overtime.  Reversing these issues works in the same light.  Going meatless, even just for one day a week, has both health as well as environmental benefits. 

23 Jun

Meatless Monday is a world wide campaign targeted towards improving the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

19 Jun


18 Greenwich Ave

New York, NY 10011

Owner: Carlos Suarez

Food: Italian

Ever wonder where your produce and vegetables come from when eating your meal at a restaurant? Well you won’t ever have to wonder when eating at Rosemary’s Enoteca and Trattoria in NYC.

17 Jun

As summer approaches, now is a good time to sit back, relax, and take a mini-vacation at home with one of the most tropical fruits. Mangoes, known as the ‘king of all fruits,’ have a long list of benefits that make it a great summer treat! A top source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B6, mangoes boost our immune system, improve our vision, and have numerous health advantages.

05 Jun

Everyone knows about strawberries and blueberries and how delicious and refreshing they are as snacks or toppings to our favorite dishes.  But have you ever heard of a bilberry? Or what about an acai or goji berry? Ranging from sweet to tangy, all five berries have incredible flavors that would surely compliment their health benefits.

29 May

525 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Boerum Hill
Owner: Cyrill Aouizerat
Food: Vegan and vegetarian, "avant-garde American"

There are a lot of factors that can make eating at a restaurant an incredible experience—the ambiance, service, interior, music and (of course) the food. M.O.B or Maimonides of Brooklyn gives you a whole new experience when it comes to all this. Inspired by a medieval philosopher, Maimonides, the owner Cyril Aouizerat created this place with this philosophy that God preferred people to adopt plant-based diets. So the decor of the restaurant is quirky, loud, funky and unique. This Atlantic Avenue vegetarian and vegan restaurant offers food that is all organic, homemade and local. Cyril wanted to create a space where the health musings of Maimonides and his American dream in Brooklyn could formulate and ultimately come together. He wanted to create a movement, a way of life through his restaurant. 

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