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22 Aug


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KDHamptons:  How long have you been coming to the Hamptons, and what do you love most about the East End?

Avis Richards: We have been coming out to the Hamptons for the last 15 years. Southampton is my favorite vacation destination in the world, and what makes it so wonderful is the calming serenity of the landscape~ from the beautiful beaches and privet hedges, to the rolling farms. The night life and dinner parties are so much fun because of our friends and amazing people we have met—it’s just a happy place! We spend every weekend with friends & family and cherish every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I have traveled all over the world with my husband and family and yet, despite our desire to explore and travel, we continue to rank Southampton as our favorite destination!

18 Jun


By Prerna Singh

We had one permanent sabji wala (vegetable and fruit seller) who would make rounds every other day and bring fresh produce from his garden. He had this huge basket made out of bamboo which he would carry on his head and would make rounds around the neighborhood. Mummy would select things that interested her most out of that basket and that would decide what we will be eating for the next couple days until the sabji wala comes back again. We knew what to expect in that basket depending on the season. He would bring lots of dark green and crunchy cucumbers in summer along with some juicy yellow and red mangoes. Winters would be mostly about root vegetables, mustard greens and beans while monsoon brought carrots. So if he brought carrots in summers or cucumbers in winter, mummy would teach him a lesson or two about organic farming and return back everything. This is how we grew up and still never realized how lucky we were.

17 Jun


By:  Marjan

I’m so inspired when I hear: “Our children today are our hopes for a better future”. We believe the future will somehow be better without really understanding how that will transpire? What efforts do we take to confidently promote this belief? Yes, information, technology, and science have advanced dramatically within the last decades. But has the quality of life?

11 Jun



“It is our responsibility as parents, educators and citizens to put an end to our broken lunch system and change the way we feed our children. Children are our future. The good news is that change is possible”

The above quote is from the eye-opening documentary called : Lunch – What are kids munching on? by Avis Richards.

The 26 minute movie is focused on different subjects and statistics: kids, as young as 5-6 year old, are developing traditional adult diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gallbladder and more than 30% of the nation’s children and considered overweight or obese. This is probably the most shocking documentary of this kind I have seen.

30 May


 By Cindy Jamieson

Living in Canada, we never had to rely on our schools to feed our children. It is the parent's responsibility to send the kids to school with a full belly and to send them nutritious food for the school day. While I am thankful that I haven't had to rely on the school lunch program to feed Mr.B, I am saddened by what I am seeing in other countries, who do have lunch programs. In the U.S, 28 million children rely on the school lunch program. As a result, we are now faced with a National Childhood Obesity Crisis. In the U.S. and around the world, children as young as 6 yrs old are faced with adult diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. 38 % of children have high cholesterol and 30% of them are overweight. Due to our ignorance in school lunch programs, our children have been given a lower life expectancy than us, their parents. Scary isn't it?

29 May

by Serena Norr

For the next five weeks Momtrends is participating an exciting campaign to raise awareness about healthy eating. Created by the team behind Lunch, a documentary that shines a light on the school lunch program and teaches kids about healthy eating, I will be participating in discussions to get the word out about this eye-opening film as well as to encourage parents to get excited about gardening, fresh foods and how to change the school lunch system.
To kick-off the campaign, I are going to talk about school lunches vs. packing a lunch and how they both can be healthy.

27 May


by Cathy

Memorial Day is not only the unofficial start of summer. It's a day where we honor those who have served our country. It's also a day to honor our communities and appreciate those who have inspired us and made our lives better. That said, I wanted to tell you this week about a kind and generous woman and mother who was discouraged by her son's school lunch program, and set about transforming the lives of other kids. I hope her story inspires you, and I will be writing more about her organization in the weeks ahead.

25 May



By Alison J. Bermack

“It is our responsibility as parents, educators and citizens to put an end to our broken lunch system and change the way we feed our children. Children are our future. The good news is that change is possible.”
From the documentary “Lunch: What are kids munching on?” A film by Avis Richards

My kids notice exceptionally overweight people, especially if it’s a child. There’s no teasing, just a comment to let me know they’ve seen. I often will take this cue to remind them about healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle choices. Of course, there are some people born with an obesity gene that causes them to become overweight and every day is a struggle for them. But the majority of our overweight population gets that way from poor eating and habits, something that is changeable.

24 May


By Carissa Leventis-Cox

How do we keep our children’s lunches healthy? According to the World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” So, we can rephrase our question as: how can we ensure our children’s lunches contribute to their physical, mental and social well-being and, by consuming them, they will not be afflicted by disease or sickness?

23 May

By Wendy O’Neal

My daughter is just finishing up the 2nd grade and has never bought a school lunch! Shocking, I know! I made the decision to pack her lunch every day (before we realized she had a food dye allergy). When she started kindergarten, the school gave us the first month’s breakfast and lunch menu. I was disgusted at what I saw. Very little fresh produce and everything was highly processed. The breakfast, which my daughter wouldn’t have needed, was french toast sticks, biscuits, syrup, etc. Really? Was yogurt, fruit, and granola that much more expensive? Apparently so!

22 Jul

Imagine the power of the only liquid metal to ever be discovered. It combines forces with other metals to unite and conquer. It’s been used to heal; it’s been used to preserve; it’s been use to create. But how do we know if all of this power is used for good or evil? Introducing mercury: both hero and villain.

Mercury is used in thermometers, fluorescent lights, cavity fillings, and many more common conveniences. In the past it has even been sprinkled on beds of the sick and used to ward off evil (so maybe it is a superhero…).

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