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New York- October 21, 2014– This month Birds Nest Foundation is partnering with;Food Day,(the nationwide celebration that inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies) New York City restaurants and food vendors on October 24,2014. Too many children still don’t know where fresh food comes from and many have never had the satisfaction of growing food that they can eat. This is a part of the ongoing Ground Up Campaign, which strives to engage children in nutritional education. Restaurants will donate anywhere between 1-5% of their net profits on that day and in turn, Birds Nest Foundation will match their donations and put academic gardens in New York City schools.

Avis Richards, the founder of Birds Nest Foundation, comments on her excitement for the movement, “Our Food Day event this year is a new pilot project. It is so great to see restaurants that are committed to nutrition and sustainability go the extra mile and support nutritional education [for children], many of which never would have received one otherwise.”

The restaurants that are supporting this pilot project are Amy’s Bread (all locations), Quintessence, Hu Kitchen, Candle Café (all locations), D’Vida Health Bar (all locations), Pop Karma and Two Tablespoons.

Since the Ground Up Campaign’s inception in 2011, the Birds Nest Foundation has donated academic gardens to 230 schools across the country. The initiative has taught a total of 13,000 students the importance of all-natural agriculture and healthy eating. Birds Nest Foundation garden comes with soil, seeds and the commitment of a principal and teacher to provide the learning experience.

About Birds Nest Foundation

Avis Richards is the Founder and CEO of Birds Nest Foundation™, a 501(c)3 non-profit creative group that produces documentaries, short videos and public service announcements (PSAs) for charitable organizations. To date, Richards has granted PSA’s, short films and documentaries for dozens of Non-Profits and made more than 200 videos including ones helmed by Goldie Hawn, Michael Bolton, Andre Agassi, and John Legend, to name a few. Her productions have touched upon important topics such as Education, Health, Women’s Issues, the Environment, Anti-Violence, and more.

Birds Nest Foundation’s initiative Ground Up Campaign was inspired by a documentary film Avis directed and produced “Lunch,” which addresses unhealthy lunch programs in schools. Lunch inspired Avis to create a weekly TV series in New York, called Dylan’s Lunchbox, a lifestyle program helping New Yorkers with sustainable healthy living in the city starring her son, teen food critic Dylan Richards – for which she was nominated for Three New York Emmy Awards. Avis is currently in production on Lunch: The Solutions, a sequel to Lunch which focuses on healthy solutions for school lunches in America.

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