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E.A.T: Conference for a healthy youth in America

Food Fight, a company dedicated to equipping teachers with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement healthy lifestyle and eating into their students lives, hosted their annual event called E.A.T: Educating America’s Teachers to Lead the Fight Against Obesity last Wednesday.

The Edible Word: 8th Wonder

Co-Founder: Anthony Lepree, Alfred AnthonyHomepage: http://www.8thwonderjuice.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8thWonderJuiceTwitter: @8thWonderJuice If you’re ever in Gramercy, 8th Wonder is definitely the place to go for something quick and healthy. Usually you’d have to sacrifice one for the other, but the owners of the shop, Anthony Lepree and Alfred Anthony, have cracked the code! Their menu includes items such as cold […]

Video: New Yorkers’ Matcha Madness

By now, everyone has heard about matcha tea or matcha latte. Matcha, a traditional green tea is taking over cafes in cities like San Francisco, Boston and even New York. There are reports that matcha tea sales have increased to more than 10 billion a year.  We have a café in Brooklyn that has a […]

Know all about activated charcoal

Charcoal has made it’s way from the grills to the vanity table. The only difference between the charcoal used for barbecuing and activated charcoal, which can be used for body care in a multitude of ways, is oxygen. Brands like Biore, Origin, Glam Glow and Yes to Tomatoes have launched masks and deep cleansers with […]

Video: What do you know about your prostate?

This past month was annual Men’s Health Month. While there are various diseases and aspects that we could have focused on during the month, here at Birds Nest Foundation we decided to direct our focus on the issue of prostate cancer. We wanted to raise awareness for this cancer in particular because after doing much […]

Doctalk: Inequality for all

There’s a popular saying that goes “The richer get richer and the poorer get poorer,” but it had never fully registered just how rich the rich is and how poor the poor is getting until I saw Robert Reich’s documentary Inequality for All, which focuses on the ever-widening wage gap between the social classes.

Edible Word visits Brooklyn Seed Expo

When an event takes place that allows you to surround yourself around people with healthy lifestyle habits while sampling vegan treats, it’s wise to jump on the opportunity. The Seed Experience Expo, which took place June 20-21, provided all of those things plus more and we were excited to attend. Located at the Brooklyn Expo […]

Doctalk: Keep on Keepin’ on

The name Clark Terry has become synonymous within the music industry for one term – jazz legend; but despite his undoubtedly long and renowned career, he is so much more than a great trumpet player. In a career that has spanned seven decades, the St. Louis born Terry, or CT as his friends call him, […]

‘Bee’ aware of the disappearing bees

            The week of June 15 marks the 9th annual Pollinator Week; a week dedicated to raising awareness about the animals that pollinate our crops,  including hummingbirds, butterflies, bats and of course, bees. While many people might think of these animals as simply causing flowers to grow, there are about 1,000 plants […]

Save a life on World Blood Donor Day

Every day, over 41,000 blood donations are needed throughout the United States. In a year, about 15.7 million donations are collected in the country. While this is a phenomenal amount, it is not enough to fulfill the demand for blood donations. The issue is even larger in third world countries, which don’t have access to […]